D. S. Thornton

D. S. Thornton

A former graphic designer and magazine art director, D. S. THORNTON lives in the Hilo area of the Big Island of Hawaii, where time is relative, gardening is serene, and there are way way way too many vowels. She writes middle-grade fantasy as well as silly sci-fi for young adults and up. She is also an accomplished artist, specializing in island themes. She loves botanical gardens, Turner Classic Movies, scifi, Doctor Who, and puppies.

She has written for the San Francisco Examiner (Hearst years) and the Peninsula Times Tribune (Palo Alto, CA). Her middle-grade fantasy, SCRAP CITY, was released by Capstone Young Readers in Oct., 2015. Her novel MARVIN PLOTNIK AND THE SANDY RIVERS HILLTOP RANCH FOR WAYWARD YOUTH, JUVENILES, AND YOUNG ADULTS came out in 2012.

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